Focusing on the Customer

At Djupvik Digital, we know how important it is to listen to the customer. Designing a website is a meeting between two equal parties with their own areas of expertise. You, the customer, know best about your industry, and your ambitions as a market player. Djupvik Digital brings the knowledge of the unique opportunities offered by the web. Together we work out the right solution for your needs.

Responsive Design

Most web browsing today takes place on devices other than the computer. Modern websites need to accommodate lots of different screen sizes, from the smallest smartwatch to the largest widescreen. Djupvik Digital delivers responsive websites that are easy to use and attractive — not only on computers but also on phones and tablets.

Web Apps

With years of experience in programming for the web, Djupvik Digital can develop custom web apps and systems to meet your specific needs. We can build modern single-page applications using frameworks like ReactJS; we work with Javascript both server-side (NodeJS) and in the browser. We also do programming in other popular server-side programming languages such as Ruby and PHP.